Hammer and Blood, Viktor Bloodstone

Supernatural & Paranormal

A mercenary assassin versus an unstoppable, mask-wearing psycho, Ptolemy Lindquist, one of the greatest assassins in the world, is contemplating retirement. Calista, his daughter, wants to celebrate her college graduation with her boyfriend and friends at a popular lake. Thanks to Ptolemy’s last assignment and Calista investigating why her boyfriend has been acting sketchy, father … Read more

The Three-Headed Dagger and the King’s Son, Henry Regnault

Supernatural & Paranormal

It’s been five years since Cadence Mage’s death when his mother placed him inside the three-headed dagger until she could figure out how to release him. While waiting for Cadence’s return his niece Little Jenny learns how to use her new powers, her lover Graves Hassin will teach her how to use the sword and … Read more