Organizational Happiness, Lars Kure Juul

Business & Finance, NonFiction, Nonprofit Organizations & Charity

This book gives you a recipe for creating a unique com-petitive advantage and sustainable success by guiding you through the three pillars for organizational happiness—purpose, strengths, and compassion—and finding your Organizational Happiness Sweet Spot.It also outlines the evidence for how organizational happiness and great employee engagement boost business, and introduces you to the Motivational Landscape … Read more

Will I Fly Again?, Sara Tula

Memoir & Biography, NonFiction, Nonprofit Organizations & Charity, Religion & Spirtuality, Self-Help & Motivational

1978 Poland-rape, poverty, and an offer Sara can’t refuse collide to bring her to the United States. Betrayal and an abusive marriage threaten to send her back. Her heart is torn between two continents, and two families-the family of her youth and the family she struggles to create. Then, the unthinkable happens and she must … Read more

Just Give Them a Hug . . . and the Rest Will Be Easy, Brett H. Weiss

NonFiction, Nonprofit Organizations & Charity, Travel & Travel Guide

In 2009, Brett Weiss decides he wants to volunteer in Kenya. A teacher in high school economics, US history, and international relations, he has a particular interest in experiencing immersion in a community where he will learn firsthand about the difficulties of the aftermath of colonialism. Determined to ask questions and listen, he makes his … Read more