Montrose County, Bill Greenwood

Action & Adventure, Military Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

For Sabrina Murdoch, volunteering for national guard duty was a point of civic duty. However, her tour in Iraq left her tattered but still standing. Unfortunately, events she couldn’t control when she returned home left her battered and adrift. Leaving her small town Massachusetts roots in the rear view mirror, she eventually takes on the … Read more

Camallay: An Infinite Worlds Novel, Joel Babbitt

Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Corporate rivalries play out on a distant world, where accounts are settled in blood, and where the real heroes are those who are still in business when the dust settles. In this fast-paced scifi adventure novel, Colonel Alexander and his dedicated crew of corporate mercenaries come to the remote colony world of Camallay to find … Read more

Love of Finished Years, Gregory Erich Phillips

Historical Fiction, History NonFiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

Pre WWI, Elsa came to America with her eyes wide open, realizing it was up to her to make a life for herself. Surviving a sweatshop in lower Manhattan, a chance job with a Long island elite family opens up her world. Invited in, up to a point, she unwittingly, albeit precariously, crosses the social … Read more

The Third Tour, Bob Stockton

Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

Petty Officer First Class Zack Martin’s physical wounds that were inflicted when his ship was attacked by friendly aircraft while on patrol in Vietnam have healed. His psychological wounds are another story. Recently, the flashback dreams about his friend Campbell’s mortal wounding from that terrible morning have diminished, but the panic attacks have not. His … Read more

Paul, Betty, and Pearl, Karl Larew

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Romance

Paul is a young Army officer; Betty is the wife of a naval officer, Eric; they have a six-year-old daughter, Rosalie. Paul and Betty witness the attack on Pearl Harbor. Betty then goes to Washington, D.C., to work as a civilian for the Navy, learning self-reliance. Eric goes into combat. Paul is stationed in D.C.; … Read more

Listening to Ghosts, Bob Stockton

History NonFiction, Memoir & Biography, Military Fiction, NonFiction

Listening To Ghosts, Second Edition is an accounting of Bob Stockton’s reminiscences while coming of age in a Northeastern blue collar neighborhood, his subsequent escape to the United States Navy and his twenty year career as an enlisted man in the Cold War and Vietnam era. Written in the first person, Bob Chronicles the many … Read more

Where Have You Been?, Amit Siovitz

Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Johnny is just a regular guy discharged after Iraq. He wants what every guy wants; a pretty girl, a nicer car, some money, and enough Heroin to stave that itch in the back of his head. That last thing may not be what EVERY guy wants, but it’s all the same, isn’t it? You just … Read more