The Board Game Designer’s Guide: The Easy 4 Step Process to Create Amazing Games That People Can’t Stop Playing, Joe Slack

Guidebook and Textbook, NonFiction

Do you have a board game idea, but can’t get it out of your head? Use my 4 I’s Framework, and you’ll get your game to the table and quickly discover if it will be the next Cards Against Humanity (hint: good!) or the next Trump: The Game (hint: not so good!). Have you made a game, but it’s just … Read more

Lexicon: American Style 2, Patrick Ragains

Guidebook and Textbook, Humor & Satire, NonFiction, Reference

It has been proven that one of the most effective ways to learn and retain information is to do so while being entertained. Thus, the goal of this book…to improve the reader’s grasp and usage of the English language while evoking smiles, smirks, even raised and furrowed brows. It is quite simply a fun, informative … Read more

Wish Granted! Tips, Tools, & Templates to Write a Winning Grant, Holly Rustick

Guidebook and Textbook, Humor & Satire, NonFiction, Reference

Grant writing shouldn’t feel like a trip to the dentist. Take the pain out of the process with this innovative and fun, yes fun, guide. Learn all the inside tips and tools of the grant-writing trade in this easy-to-read and upbeat book. This book is definitely for you if: •You break out in a cold sweat when … Read more