Rules of Engagement, Carolyn Swora

Business & Finance, Civilization & Culture, Education & Teaching, Guidebook & Reference

What is it truly like to work for you? Look around the typical workplace. People are overwhelmed. They’re unengaged; or worse, disengaged. AT home and at work, the world is changing too fast, and people simply can’t cope. No matter how skillful someone is, faced with a barrage of new information, unstructured data, and “disruptive” … Read more

Minds and Signs, Rebecca Rose Orton

Children & Picture Book, Crafts & Games, Guidebook & Reference

Minds and Signs is a primer about cognitive linguistics designed for preteens who are curious about how the mind works and about American Sign Language. A short while ago I read and reviewed two phenomenal books from author Rebecca Rose Orton; the two books were called What is a Tesseract? and The Lazy Dog and … Read more

America Invaded: A State by State Guide to Fighting on American Soil, Christopher Kelly

Civilization & Culture, Guidebook & Reference, History, Military & War History

Have you ever wondered why some towns in Texas have French names? Or why there’s a statue of a Shawnee chief at the US Naval Academy? Or what coastal wildlife refuges have to do with American fears of invasion? And what the Olive Oil Riot in Montana was really all about? America Invaded has the … Read more

Who Is Gym?, Scott Hanson

Civilization & Culture, Guidebook & Reference

The Stories Behind Arizona’s High School Sports Venues Do you know who your high school football stadium is named after? Or the gym? Or the school itself? What is rapidly becoming lost Arizona history is captured in these fascinating stories about the names behind high schools and their sports venues. After officiating high school football … Read more