High Risk High Reward, Steve Scher

Business & Finance

Entrepreneurship is about living the dream, right? And we’re told it takes hard work, focus and dedication – but those are only broad concepts – they don’t tell you what the first steps should be when you wake up tomorrow. That’s why High Risk, High Reward was designed to give aspiring business owners an honest and real insider look at entrepreneurship and all … Read more

Women in Power: Unlock Your Power and Know Your Worth, Tawnie Breaux

Business & Finance

Creating a successful career starts with a few simple strategies. Women in Power is a straightforward, get-to-the-point guide for mastering the art of self-confidence using lessons learned from over 15+ years of experience in a male-dominated industry. As a high-value sales leader, business owner, and author, Books, Beauty and Business ranked #18 in most inspirational … Read more

Purposeful Hustle, Deanna Singh

Business & Finance, Education & Teaching, Self-Help & Motivational

Purposeful Hustle helps you answer the question: “How do I use my talents, skills, and resources to create a greater impact?”To be an effective change maker, you have to blend intentional thought (Purpose) with intentional action (Hustle). When engaging in Purposeful Hustle, you are directing your life’s work toward intentionally making a positive impact in … Read more

How To Get Your S**t Together and Start Making Money, Peter Ruecker

Business & Finance, Education & Teaching

At some point in life, we all need to get our shit together: stop partying, stop making excuses and set ourselves up for success. If you’re in a time of transition and want an honest, funny and effective guidebook for how to start making progress in your life, look no further. Peter Ruecker details his … Read more

Awake Leadership, Hilary Jane Grosskopf

Business & Finance, Education & Teaching

Do you have the techniques and the mindset you need to take the lead? How do you keep your team aligned, engaged, and inspired? Awake Leadership presents a system of seven vitals and exercises for leading with clarity and creativity. While other leadership books detail qualities of excellent leaders, this guide shows how to lead … Read more