Running Out of Lies, Brian Beneventi

Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Teen & Young Adult

The police think he’s a joke, but Shane knows his father was kidnapped, possibly murdered.  Despite giving the police compelling evidence, there’s been no resolution to the case. Frustrated, Shane decides to work on his own. His childhood memories of his father watching televised champion cross-country meets inspires him to join his high school team. … Read more

No Fences in Alaska, Glen Sobey

Literature & Fiction

Their worlds are about to come crashing down… At sixteen years old, Harper Lyon’s life is spinning out of control. She threatens her parents with suicide unless she can meet her drug-dealing boyfriend, a college student who doesn’t know she’s pregnant. Cooper Lyons, her estranged grandfather, lives in rural Alaska with only his dog and … Read more

Inside the Mind of Martin Mueller, EA Luetkemeyer

Literature & Fiction, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

A DAZZLING DEBUT NOVEL, Inside The Mind of Martin Mueller tells the story of a man of wealth and taste whose mission in life is no less than to “reassemble the scattered shards of the shattered Over-soul of mankind.” He believes the penitentiary he’s an inmate of is in the basement of his country estate. … Read more

Nila: Water, Daniel G. Linsteadt

Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal

Nila-Water, the first in a series, emerges as a blend of the parallel realities that Seth lives in. Developing a debilitating illness with an excruciating skin condition, he has lived a life of isolation. He escapes to the bedtime stories told by his father, of a beneficent race of Nila, who live on earth and … Read more

The Place of Quarantine, Vadim Babenko

Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Is there any hope that our memory and consciousness remain intact after death? Could a man with a highly critical mind – a professional theoretical physicist – become convinced of such a thing? He could, if the proof were undeniable – and he gets such a proof. What he had once considered the dreams of … Read more

Zalon Kingdom, Raymond Pairan

Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

This was a natural world that shunned the alien who could never fathom its pure fresh elegant beauty. Humankind alone was able to rejoice in the gifts of a world rich in color and natural pageant. Not one instant on any other world could compare to this special place on this nondescript planet so very … Read more

Sanguine Mountain, Jennifer Foxcroft

Coming of Age, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Connie Phillips has never told a lie—until now. An anonymous letter shatters the world Connie thought she knew and trusted. The news that her parents aren’t really her own leaves her angry, devastated and alone. The search for the truth leads her down a dark, desolate forest road where she meets a boy in the … Read more