Rhys of Earth, Kara D. Wilson

Action & Adventure, Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

Rhys Falkrow, and his younger sister, Alina, were born on Caelestis, a colony located in the Solar System Hyperes. For generations, the people of Caelestis lived in peace, working together to consolidate resources and knowledge to create a unified race of humans whose sole purpose was to advance mankind.  After a collision with a rogue … Read more

Island of the Gods, C.M. Kane

Action & Adventure, Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Myth's & Legends, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Supernatural & Paranormal

In the nine hundred years since the gods of antiquity returned to Earth, much has changed. We are no longer masters of our own world.  Tae Rames, a precocious seventeen-year-old downloads a vid she knows she shouldn’t, never realizing the powerful forces that she is about to release. She inadvertently discovers a deadly secret, a … Read more

Hidden Secrets, Donna M. Zadunajsky

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Romance, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

… Hidden Secrets will leave you questioning everything you thought you knew… Carla Michaels’s life isn’t what she thought it was. She met her loving husband in college. She had a career as a teacher. All she ever wanted to complete her life was a baby. After five miscarriages, Carla had almost given up hope … Read more

I Did It for Us, Alison Bruce

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

“From the first time I saw them together I knew it felt wrong. I didn’t like the way he touched her or the self-conscious way he played with Molly and Luke. Joanne saw none of it of course. So I did it to prove to her that she was wrong. I did it for us.” … Read more

Rebellion, Ethan Proud & Lincoln Proud

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Rebellion is the first book in the epic fantasy series: The Rebellion Trilogy. Rebellion begins as Jergle, a duke in the country of Durthia, prepares his initial assault on the capital. However, a rebel courier brings him word of the king’s plan, which derails Jergle’s scheme. To counter this, Jergle storms the capital, hoping to … Read more

The Orbs of Light and Dark, Keith Messer

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Religion & Spirtuality, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Teen & Young Adult

The Orb of the light is the most powerful weapon of good. The Orb of the Dark is the most powerful weapon of evil. The Orbs seek out the purest of souls of good and evil to wield their great power. In time as the wielders gains their Orbs trust. The Orbs reveals to their … Read more

Magnum Thrax and the Amusement Park of Doom, Gene Bathurst

Fantasy, Humor & Satire, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

When a gigantic cephalopod delivers an unconscious android to the door of Pleasurepit Five, everything changes for Magnum Thrax. As leader of a team of fiesty, combat repurposed sexbots, he’s used to defending The Pit against mutants and legacy ad memes. This time it’s different: the android brings word of an unstoppable, rogue amusement park … Read more