The Thin Blue Li(n)E, Brian Cook

Detective & Private Investigator, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense

The Thin Blue Li(n)e picks up the saga of the Office of the Sheriff where Hands Across The Sea left off. As the real talk grows contentious, the characters and storylines square off against puppeteers trying to pull the strings. While Sheriff Brendan Callaghan and Undersheriff H. Maxwell Ulrich dig deeper at the crux of … Read more

Rise of the Jaguar Woman, Lee E. Cart

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Teen & Young Adult

Rise of the Jaguar Woman is the second place winner in the Best Young Adult Latino Focused Book category in the 2017 International Latino Book Awards. Born in the Wayeb introduced Na’om, a young Mayan woman with the ability to foresee the future through her dreams, and her archenemy, Satal, the black witch of Mayapán, who wants … Read more

Dead Scary: The Ghost Who Refused to Leave, Sally Gould

Action & Adventure, Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction, Middle Grade Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal

Adam is an ordinary boy, except for one thing. He can see and talk with ghosts. When his family moves into what seems like the home of his dreams, Adam finds out it isn’t his dream home after all. Edward Lawrence, a bossy ghost who was Adam’s age when he died, regards the home as his … Read more

Loving and Hating a Duke, Natalie K. Lynn

Historical Romance, Literature & Fiction, Novella & Short Story

Christiana vowed to hate every duke on earth because she had been promised as a child to one. But when her brother John is taken prisoner by the French, fate plays its turn by putting another duke in her life. Much against her will, her brother’s friend William Godfire becomes her greatest ally. So Christiana … Read more

Corryn’s Stone, T.L. Howard

Action & Adventure, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction

Mirah and Rasmun thought their work was done. The Choosing was accomplished and the world had been set right again. That is until Æyrebis, a mythical Caudex Anima and the same book that had driven Rasmun insane ten years ago, resurfaced. Unlike Mirah, Rasmun knows it isn’t merely sentient. He knows it harbors plans involving … Read more

Circle of Dreams, Jane S. Morrissey

Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Supernatural & Paranormal

Leader of an elite psychic team, Cole Courtland is a shape-shifting wolf with a deep connection to the power of the Earth. His investigation of a string of mysterious murders throws him into the dangerous world of the Quytel and leads him straight to Brianna Doherty’s door.  Bri is plagued by vicious nightmares of death … Read more