The Boss’s Daughter, Jennifer Bates

Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

I am marked by the Black Rose, the symbol of my father’s cruelty and arrogance. It’s a stain that will never wash out, the same mark all those girls carry—the ones who keep turning up dead. My father, underboss for a powerful crime family, killed my fiancé, then told me he’d see me dead too. … Read more

The Voynich Gambit, Quintin Peterson

Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Special Police Officer Lt. Norman Blalock, who has been guarding the treasures of the Folger Shakespeare Library for 25 years, has been coerced into a plot to heist from the Folger Museum “the most mysterious book in the world,” the Voynich Manuscript, on loan from Yale University. Under threat of suffering the consequences of their … Read more

My Soul Belongs to You, C.L. Hunter

Contemporary Fiction, Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Romance

From the busy city life of Dublin, Ireland to the quiet little town of Hilton Head, South Carolina, two lives are pulled together by tragedy and something more—call it fate, call it faeries. After giving up a daughter for adoption at sixteen, KATLYN REYNOLDS has built a successful advertising company to keep her mind busy … Read more

Beyond Believing, D.D Marx

Action & Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Humor & Satire, Literature & Fiction, Romance, Teen & Young Adult

When Olivia gets news of her best friend Dan’s fatal car accident, her life is shattered. Consumed with grief and struggling to find any meaning or purpose to life, she trudges along with a gaping void in her heart. Finally, when her frustration reaches its peak, Olivia decides to put her trust in the depth … Read more

Degrees of Love, Lisa Slabach

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Like the shiny new BMW parked in the driveway of the Silicon Valley home she shares with her husband, Matt, and their two boys, Susan Sinclair exudes confidence and style. Newly promoted to a prestigious Senior Vice President position at her firm, Susan is the picture of personal and professional success.   Yet appearances are … Read more

The Chief and His Marine, B.A. Sherman

Action & Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

Too many fathers and mothers know the feeling of pride but also the dread that follows a son or daughter going off to war. And along with dread, when the worst you can imagine happens, there is sorrow … and anger. Sometimes there is more. Join author B.A. Sherman at his most stirring and shocking … Read more

Hair Like Mom, Joanie Boney

Children & Picture Book, Literature & Fiction

Alexis wanted one thing that she didn’t have and that was hair like Mom. She wanted long straight hair like her mother. Find out what Mom tells her to make her love her own curly hair. Hair Like Mom is a stunning, timeless, poignant children’s book that will keep children entertained and captivated from page … Read more