A Holy Woman and a Highwayman, S. Rose

Erotica & Sex, Literature & Fiction, Novella & Short Story, Romance

“The girls all stared at me in horror— but their knees were clenched together tight, terror on their faces. There was no way they were going to stand up, lift their skirts, and take my place…” The last person Diana expects her carriage to be overtaken by is Daniel—an old school-friend-turned-rogue. When Daniel makes a … Read more

The Sigian Bracelet, George Tome

Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

Over one thousand years ago, an alien fleet locked the Antyran star system inside a weird space distortion. Now it is time to find their secrets.  On a beautiful summer morning some 1,250 years before the start of our story, the fleet of an advanced civilization arrived on the Antyran home planet. It wasn’t a … Read more

TheRuins, D.H. Screws

Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Novella & Short Story

He lost his wife. He lost his health. He lost his creativity. He lives alone in the city. He struggles daily to sustain some semblance of sanity. He struggles nightly to make any sense of it all.  With a massive winter storm approaching, he prepares to be snowbound. He’s pleased with his preparations. That is, … Read more

Descendant, L.J. Amodeo

Literature & Fiction, Supernatural & Paranormal, Teen & Young Adult

A forbidden love, a sacred bloodline, and a powerful gift plagues the last remaining descendant with an unspeakable burden and an unforgivable fate.  Seventeen-year-old, Elizabeth Anne Morgan is no stranger to the supernatural world. Haunted by voices and visions for most of her young life, she begins to question her sanity as a teen, setting … Read more

Cliff Diver, Carmen Amato

Detective & Private Investigator, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense

When Detective Emilia Cruz is put in charge of the investigation into her lieutenant’s murder, the odds are stacked against her. The head of the police union wants to direct the case from behind the scenes. The ambitious mayor of Acapulco offers political favors in return for a cover-up. The other detectives are actively plotting … Read more

Abbey’s Search for Sanctuary, Eris Field

Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Romance

A Turkish-American nurse, Abbey shelters her younger sister after she divorces her Muslim husband when she learns his mother is going to perform a circumcision on their baby girl, Jenny. When her sister is murdered by her ex-husband, Abbey knows she must find a way to keep Jenny safe.  Once a Peshmerga fighter and medic … Read more