Scorpion Strike, John Gilstrap

Action & Adventure, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller, Uncategorized

An island paradise held hostage. A band of dangerous killers unleashed. A sinister plot that could push the superpowers to the brink of war. The perfect formula for explosive suspense in John Gilstrap’s electrifying new Jonathan Grave thriller . . . For Jonathan Grave and Gail Bonneville, the Crystal Sands Resort is the perfect getaway—until … Read more

Twisted Threads, Kaylin McFarren

Action & Adventure, Erotica & Sex, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense

Akira Hamada is driven by past failure. Two years earlier, she had a chance to kill her greatest enemy–Kaito Mitsui. Instead, the Yakuza boss forced her to become an assassin in his employ. Now Akira carries out the bloody business of the notorious crime syndicate and hates herself more each day.  When Mitsui hears that … Read more

Backlash: A War of 1812, Mike Klaassen

Espionage & Conspiracy, Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

A miscalculation that nearly ripped the new nation apart. Five young Americans in the fight of their lives. The War of 1812 as never before told–a thriller.  With questionable justification and inadequate preparation, the newly United States of America declared war on Great Britain, the most powerful nation on earth. From Canada to New Orleans, … Read more

Born to Fight, Jay J. Falconer

Action & Adventure, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

Jack Bunker vowed to never step foot on another battlefield. But the former Combat Engineer’s new peaceful life in the Colorado mountains is shattered after an attack takes out America’s power grid. When suspicious activity plagues the nearby high-security military facility, Bunker fears he’ll soon have another war on his hands. As the story unfolds, … Read more

Death Votes Last, Marc Rainer

Detective & Private Investigator, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense, Politics, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

A Senate Leader Who Would Kill To Win With an evenly-divided United States Senate, the stakes are high for the nation’s political power brokers. The leader of one party decides to change the numbers by arranging the elimination of one of the other party’s senators. Following a Trail of Homicides And Cover-Ups As the senator’s … Read more

Martin Swans Diary, Kyle Keyes

Action & Adventure, Contemporary Fiction, Detective & Private Investigator, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Martin Swan first saw Jodie Seales at The Niagara Playhouse in South Jersey. The young, aspiring actress portrayed Aunt Abby Brewster in a stage production of Arsenic And Old Lace. Federal Agent Swan was just a face in the crowd. The cast removed wigs, glasses and other head-dress at curtain call. Jodie’s blond curls tumbled … Read more

Moscow Airlift, Marc Liebman

Action & Adventure, Espionage & Conspiracy, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction, Mystery & Suspense

In 1991, Gorbachev signs the historic US/Soviet grain deal, committing the Soviets to purchasing eight million tons of grain over the next five years. In response, inflation in the Soviet Union rises almost out of control, the government loses its iron grip on the population, and the Soviet parliament votes to dissolve the Soviet Union. … Read more