The Self-Empowerment Journal, Karamokoh Wurie

Education & Teaching

Are you tired of feeling stuck, unmotivated, uninspired, and unproductive? Be ready to finally make a shift in your life that’ll completely transform you! No matter what pain, struggles, or circumstances that you are maybe going through, you have the power to overcome and create a life of excitement and abundance. In the Self-Empowerment Journal, … Read more

Keep Smiling: A Career Guide For Models, Tiana Pongs

Education & Teaching

Tiana Pongs was Germany’s leading commercial face. Due to the astonishing amount of more than 1,000 ad productions in the span of her career, industry insiders consider her to be Germany’s best commercial model. She’s featured on numerous international magazine covers and product packaging’s, as well as in TV and promotional campaigns. Her list of … Read more

Ethan’s Healthy Mind Express, Emily Lane Waszak & Erik Bean

Children & Picture Book, Education & Teaching

The Healthy Mind Express is the First Children’s Mental Health Primer. It was created to take readers on a journey that will promote better mental health. Its lessons teach us how to accept Atypicals in our culture and embrace meeting their needs. Atypicals (neurodiverse) are the fastest growing demographic within the U.S. educational system. Come … Read more

How to Write a Grant: Become a Grant Writing Unicorn, Meredith Noble

Education & Teaching

Grant writers are by nature community changemakers. They are the 20% doing 80% of the work. They are the quiet leaders, knowing how to build teams, forge community partnerships, and develop ideas into well-planned projects.  Grant writers put heart and soul into everything they do. They work on things that matter. They want to have an … Read more