Not Worth Dying For, Loretta Giacoletto

Detective & Private Investigator, Mystery & Suspense, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

From the Savino Sisters Mystery Series (Book 3) What would it take for thirty-something sisters Ellen and Margo Savino to cut short their Italian holiday and return St. Louis? Their mother Toni’s connection to the murder of Val Corrigan, that’s what. It seems the widow Toni shared Val’s affections with her clueless best friend among … Read more

What the Valley Knows, Heather Christie

Detective & Private Investigator, Mystery & Suspense, Romance

Millington Valley is a quintessential small Pennsylvania town: families go back generations. Football rules. Kids drink while adults look the other way. High school is a whirlwind of aspiration and rivalry, friendship and jealousy. When smart and pretty Molly Hanover moves to town and attracts the attention of the football team’s hero, Wade Thornton—a nice … Read more

Ace Carroway Around the World, Guy Worthey

Action & Adventure, Detective & Private Investigator, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera

In 1921, in the quiet seaside town of Hyannis, shipbuilder Grant Carroway dies in a hail of bullets. Cynical cop Drew Lucy investigates the case. When Grant’s know-it-all daughter Cecilia barges into the crime scene, Lucy puts her at the top of the suspect list. Nine times out of ten, murder’s a family affair. Pilot … Read more

Shoestring Strangler, Richard Sentieri

Detective & Private Investigator, Teen & Young Adult

Moon Lake has become a macabre tourist destination, The top serial killer tour in the world, On the tenth anniversary, the man who was arrested for the Shoestring Strangler murders is released because of new DNA evidence. Follow Detective Sentieri as he tries to prevent lethal debauchery. With help from Zongzi, who uses dreams and … Read more

Medieval Mayhem, Beth Batoha

Detective & Private Investigator, Espionage & Conspiracy, Mystery & Suspense, Romance

Sheree Ryan longs for excitement in her life. She also knows her boyfriend, Keith Spencer, is definitely hiding something. Determined to find out what it is, when she discovers he is attending a Medieval Faire she does what any 21st century woman would do – she follows him. Ex-art thief Keith Spencer’s deal to work … Read more