The Positively True Tale of George the Beluga Whale (Dog), Jax Malcolm

Children & Picture Book

The Positively True Tale of George the Beluga Whale (Dog) is based on author Jax Malcolms real-life experience with his toy puppy George. It is a heartwarming story about George learning the valuable lesson that there is nothing better than being who you are. The Positively True Tale of George the Beluga Whale (Dog) is … Read more

My Teacher Dad, Sonya Annita Song

Children & Picture Book, Middle Grade

That’s why it’s so important for children to associate reading with… …positive feelings of fun and enjoyment…  …engaging illustrations that stimulate creativity and curiosity… …creative rhymes that flow naturally and dynamically…   Because a really fun book will help children fall in love with reading… …which in turn can increase reading comprehension… …improve school performance… …and … Read more

The Life & Times Of Baxter The Bat Dog, Carollee Wagonlite

Children & Picture Book

Baxter (lovingly called “The Bat Dog”) — a tiny rescued dog — takes kids through his adventures of becoming a TV star, his first Halloween, and a true, 100% fact-based, miraculous Christmas celebration. The lighthearted stories educate children that life–whether human or animal–is valuable, reinforcing the concept that all creatures have their own place and time … Read more

Freedom for Me, Stacie Haas

Children & Picture Book, Historical Fiction, Military Fiction

As the Civil War rages, fifteen-year-old Thomas Beck longs to fight for his country. He’s underage, but his brother, Robert, claims there’s another reason he can’t fight: there’s no such thing as a Chinese Yankee. Assumed a slave because of his odd appearance–including his traditional Chinese queue (long braid)–Thomas soon discovers that giving battle with … Read more