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A young American man travels to Lombardy, Italy, to attend a funeral. Immediately, he becomes involved in a puzzling case of what may have been murder. At the same time, he and his female companion experience ghostly hauntings, especially in or near a swimming pool in a very elderly nobleman’s villa.

Catari is an incredible novel and the sixth book I have read from author Karl Larew… yes book lovers, sixth! Never before have I read so many books by one author and I never usually do but I find that with Larew’s literature I am captivated throughout each book that I am left wanting more! Catari is the sixth book I have read by Larew, and it is a unique, captivating and engaging read that had me turning the pages with delight and excitement from the start thanks to the amount of intrigue and brilliance laced throughout the pages. The story laced throughout the book is unlike anything I have read before; when the book starts out the reader will not be able to guess the genre, but when the reader gets to the end they will be shocked by the actual genre of the book because what unravels throughout the book is unexpected but glorious!

I personally love novels that shock and surprise me and Catari did this to me thanks to the twisty-turny events of the book that had me shocked and entertained at the same time. If you are a reader who loves to be taken on a journey, one that is full of realism, crime and shocking events, then Catari is a book you should read because Catari weaves these three themes and more while keeping you captivated!

Catari follows a young American protagonist on his journey to Italy to attend a funeral but not long after arriving, he is thrust on a haunting journey that involves a puzzling mystery and a potential murder. However, he is not the only character the reader is introduced to because the reader will also be introduced to a woman who is haunted by spirits, yes… spirits book lovers! Catari is most certainly not your typical murder mystery, instead, it is a supernatural mystery that will see the two protagonists team up to uncover the puzzling mystery at the heart of the story and this book lovers is the premise of the sensational novel.

The story of Catari is exceptional and a truly unique book that entertained me, so much so that I read this book in one sitting! What I am about to mention is something I have mentioned before but I have to reiterate that Larew’s ability to jump from one genre to the next is magnificent. Jumping from genre to the next and mastering it is incredibly difficult for any writer and even some well known accomplished authors have not been able to succeed in this! That is why I am so impressed and in awe of Larew’s ability to do just this. Not only does Larew effortlessly jump from one genre to the next but he also wonderfully explores different themes throughout all of his books and pull it off; that shows us that Larew is a talented author who is worthy of the highest amount of recognition and worthy of your reading time!

Overall Catari is a dramatic, sometimes haunting, and a thrilling novel that should not be missed so I, of course, have to award this stellar read five stars! If you are looking to get lost in a unique murder mystery with supernatural themes and a story that will terrify as well as enthrall you at the same time, then Catari is for you so do not miss out!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Catari. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is click the Buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to the book on Amazon U.S.! If you are in the U.K. then below I have attached a link to the book for Amazon U.K..

Below I have attached some links about the author and this wonderful book so if you would like to learn more about the author and the book then please have a browse. Thank you so much again for reading book lovers, I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this book!

Amazon U.S.Amazon U.K.Goodreads

Thank you so much again for reading!


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Kart Larew

Thanks again, Aimee, for your kind words. I especially like the way you commented but did not give away any of the surprises in “Catari.” I also am happy about your comments on different genre. I have placed “Catari” in the category of “Psychological,” but I realize that some other categories are also possible. Looking forward to working with you again! Karl


Thanks for the lovely comment Karl!

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