Bring You Home Again, Jonathan Geraci

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Have you ever felt stressed and overwhelmed?
Have you struggled just to make it through another day?
Have you wondered if you can really count on God to help?

God’s desire is to bring you home again. His wants to bring you back to His ideal for you. 

This interactive book is a 31-day journey deep into the answers that Psalm 23 offers to these questions – and more!

As a Christian, you’ve learned the “safe” answers. The answers that you are supposed to give. But you live in the real world, with real challenges and real stressors.

Pastor Jonathan has experienced this struggle, found peace, and chosen to mentor others through the same process. 

You will:
•Discover how God is even more relevant than you ever imagined
•Understand that you are not alone as you walk through the “valley of the shadow”
•Explore how the two kinds of fear can either limit or strengthen your walk with God
•Learn how to implement the one key to a happy Christian life

Immerse yourself in this interactive book, and you will grow immeasurably in your relationship with the Good Shepherd. 

In just 31 days, your mindset and your Christian journey will be transformed. 

What’s stopping you from living the vibrant life that God has planned for you?

Bring You Home Again: Find Freedom and Inner Peace from Stress, Worry and Being Overwhelmed in 31 Days from Psalm 23 is a beautiful, moving, Christian living book that is a brilliant, exceptional tool to be a better Christian and to live a stress-free, happy life. In the book, the reader is taken on an extraordinary journey and the equally remarkable author Jonathan Geraci will guide his readers on the journey the reader experiences. Bring You Home Again is a moving, informative and unforgettable self-help/Christian living book that is laced with a wealth of love, inspiration, and moving passages that will all be able to help readers feel closer to God through tough moments. The journey the reader will encounter throughout Bring You Home Again is a beautiful one and will empower its readers from start to finish thanks to the exceptional author’s wisdom that could change lives and the incredible wisdom from Psalm 23. If you are a reader who is looking to improve your life and feel confident and empowered and live life a happy Christian life, then Bring You Home Again is a book that you should not miss! As I read Bring You Home Again I felt myself being instantly captivated by the moving passages and Geraci’s flawless literature that flowed beautifully from beginning to end so, please do not miss out on this stellar book.

Bring You Home Again is an incredible book that is in part a journal. The book is interactive and throughout the book, the reader will read moving passages and exceptional wisdom from pastor Jonathan Geraci all while interacting with the book. The book is a 31-day journey and during this time the reader will explore many topics such as how to live life as a happy Christian, know that you are not alone and that ‘God is even more relevant than you ever imagined.’ All of this and more is explored throughout Bring You Home Again and the result is a moving, enchanting book that will take you on a phenomenal journey that should not be missed.

Bring You Home Again is a beautiful book written by author Jonathan Geraci who from the beginning to the end of the book poignantly takes her readers on a journey of healing. You may be thinking “how do I live as a happy Christian,” and throughout the book, Geraci explored this question and answered it as well as many more. If you are a reader who wants to know how to live feeling better and stressing less then Bring You Home Again will be the perfect book for you as well as for those that do know and want to learn even more. Geraci in his book explains that without practicing certain things you will struggle to find your path in life but practicing more and including it in your everyday life can help you become aware of your purpose and grow closer to God and that is really beautiful to me. Throughout the book, Geraci will empower his readers and make them feel confident in their everyday life, and he does this by lacing poignant, profound and moving literature throughout of his book that will compel and entertain readers for hours on end.

Within the pages of this beautiful book, the incredible author, Geraci takes the reader on the impeccable journey I mentioned, and it will help you in all ways, including how to achieve a happy and fulfilling life. The chapters within Geraci’s book are useful and informative. I thought it was incredible that Geraci decided to make his book accessible and easy-to-read; he writes in a personal way so that you feel as if he is speaking with you one on one, so that was incredibly lovely to read. Geraci’s writing is profound, moving and inspirational. I admire his writing so much and respect the reasons he has written this book. It is clear to the reader very early on that Geraci is passionate about his work and wants to help people.

Bring You Home Again is sensational and unlike anything I have read before. As I read Bring You Home Again, I found myself being amazed by Geraci’s book and think he is an incredible man for deciding to investigate the topics he felt compelled to and share it with his readers so they can live happier more fulfilling lives. Not only is Geraci a fantastic person for writing this book but he is also incredible for his phenomenal literature and how breathtaking it is. The literature courtesy of Geraci is flawless and will flow beautifully throughout from beginning to end.

Overall Bring You Home Again is an informative and poignant self- help / Christian living guide that can change your life and so I have no choice but to award this stellar read five stars as it is indeed one of the best self-help guides I have ever had the pleasure of reading. Please have a read of the preview below book lovers, you will not regret it!

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Jonathan Geraci: Website

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