Battle Mage, Peter A. Flannery

Action & Adventure, Coming of Age, Fantasy, Magic & Sword and Sorcery

The world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed and only the power of a battle mage can save it. But the ancient bond with dragonkind is failing. Of those that answer a summoning too many are black. Black dragons are the enemy of humankind. Black dragons are mad.

Falco Dante is a weakling in a world of warriors, but worse than this, he is the son of a madman. Driven by grief, Falco makes a decision that will drive him to the brink of despair. As he tries to come to terms with his actions Falco follows his friends to the Academy of War, an elite training school dedicated to martial excellence. But while his friends make progress he struggles to overcome his doubts and insecurity. Even Queen Catherine of Wrath has her doubts about Falco’s training.

While the Queen tries to unite the Kingdoms against the Possessed, Falco struggles to overcome his fears. Will he unlock the power trapped inside of him or will he succumb to madness and murder like his father?

Battle Mage is a fast-paced, action-packed fantasy adventure that will take its readers on an entertaining, shocking journey that will thrill and excite readers for hours on end. The story is an entertaining one that will enthrall, captivate and excite its readers from the very start and this is thanks to the well-accomplished author, Peter Flannery who from the start hooks his readers and keeps them captivated to the very end. Already I have to recommend Battle Mage to readers that love fantasy and magic based novels but if you need more convincing then continue to read to learn more about this thrilling story!

Battle Mage is a sensational novel that will introduce the reader to the protagonist of the novel, Falco Dante who lives in a troubled land and has an equally troubled life/past. Falco lives in a world in which ‘the world is falling to the burning shadow of the Possessed,’ and in this world, Falco is struggling to find his footing. Falco is considered a weakling among the warriors that are trying to stop the ongoing fight against the Possessed but what makes his life even more complicated is that he is also the ‘son of a madman.’ Falco, however, decides that he is going to try to combat his own insecurities and join the Academy of War which is an elite training academy ‘dedicated to martial excellence’.

The reader will follow Falco as well as his fellow friends and numerous other characters as he tries to overcome his fears as well as find the strength to fight back against the Possessed. What follows is a thrilling, captivating and memorable journey that should not be missed!

The story of Battle Mage is one that is full of, magic, action and of course adventure. All of these themes are perfectly weaved together into one of the most entertaining stories I have ever read, and this is thanks to the phenomenal author Peter Flannery who from beginning to end thrills me with his in-depth and compelling literature.

Peter Flannery is a newly discovered author of mine; however, I wish that I had discovered his work sooner! I wish I had because Battle Mage has fast become one of my favorite fantasy reads of all time, it is the book I have always dreamed of reading, so I am kicking myself that I have only just now discovered Peter Flannery! Flannery indeed is a talented wordsmith, and that is why I have to implore you lovely readers to get lost in his work as his combination of magical themes and action is incredible and will have readers thinking of the events in the book for days afterward… I know I did!

Flannery is an exceptional author, and his book Battle Mage is the perfect read for me as books such as this one make for the perfect escape from everyday life. Flannery knows how to flawlessly transport his reader into the story as well as to the many magical places the reader is taken to and because his descriptions are glorious they will correctly paint a picture of the places the reader travels to in the reader’s mind which in turn keeps the reader captivated.

Overall Battle Mage is a magnificent, sensational and entertaining book that will easily entertain its readers and captivate them to read for many hours so I, of course, have to award this incredible book five stars! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers; you will not regret it! Also keep an eye out for my spotlight for Peter which will be coming soon!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on Battle Mage. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

Goodbye for now book lovers,

P.S. Here is a preview of the book for all of you lovely readers to enjoy! Please have a read of the preview and if you find that you have loved what you have read then all you need to do is click the Buy on Amazon button and it will take you straight to the book on Amazon U.S.! If you are in the U.K. then below I have attached a link to the book for Amazon U.K..

Below I have attached some links about the author and this wonderful book so if you would like to learn more about the author and the book then please have a browse. Thank you so much again for reading book lovers, I can’t wait to read your thoughts on this book!

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