Dead Air, Cliff Protzman

Detective & Private Investigator, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense

Dead Air signals trouble at the radio station. Glenn Beckert discovers his high school best friend is shot in the head while on the air. Beck, the owner of Blue Water Security, is employed to provide security for the station. He becomes willingly embroiled in the investigation by the not-so-innocent widow. The list of potential … Read more

The Aledan Psion, Christine Myers

Literature & Fiction, Romance, Science Fiction & Space Opera

When Michelle Marlow, a latent telepath, first touched Hankura Narcaza’s mind when they were children, he barely knew what psi-mates were. But as an adult he could no longer deny their connection. When she is nearly killed in a street fight on the dystopian Earth of the distant future, Hankura knows he must go there … Read more

The New Breed, Bob Ieva

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime

The New Breed is newest installment in the Joey Toranetti series. The times are changing and the corrupt reach of organized crime is filtering into people’s lives in new and dangerous ways. Follow your favorite characters as they work to live their lives in peace and keep their families safe. A short while ago I … Read more

Baja Loco: 4 Racing Days & Tequila Nights on the Norra Mexican 1000, Rico Austin

Memoir & Biography, NonFiction

What do Mexico, tequila, vintage and rally cars, honored tradition, dune buggies, dust, trucks, motorcycles, mechanics, TrophyLites, endless spectators, fearless drivers, desert beauty, Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez have in common?        Over 1,300 miles of the roughest, toughest racing terrain in North America. The NORRA Mexican Baja 1000 better defined is the … Read more

The Moderna Way, Rebecca Rose Taylor

Contemporary Fiction, Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction

When people from towns in the 19th century and 21st century meet each other in a story where ‘two worlds collide,’ there is tension, passion and skepticism. This is a novel where the characters’ fight with each other and themselves about what they want most out of life, and the ultimate price of happiness and … Read more

The Tears of Jihad, Sean Emerson

Action & Adventure, Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Military Fiction

In the summer of 634, an Arab army appears by surprise out of the trackless desert of Eastern Syria, moving across the land with a simple message: Convert to Islam, submit, or die. While the war-weary Byzantine Empire struggles to understand and meet this new threat, an adventure-seeking young Syrian Arab named Bashour, disenchanted with … Read more

The Huntsman, Aedan Sayla

Erotica & Sex, Fantasy, Literature & Fiction, Romance

Tamara Johnson is the victim of a war she didn’t create. A war that has no boundaries. A war from which no one in America is supposed to survive from, but she does. – The Huntsman is the story of what would happen if the lights went out and stayed off. A possible rendition of … Read more