Crucible of a Species, Terrence Zavecz

Action & Adventure, Literature & Fiction, Science Fiction & Space Opera, Time Travel Fiction

COLONEL DANIEL DRAKE successfully led the greatest scientific effort since the Manhattan Project. Now they enter the final phase and Drake takes command — Earth’s first interstellar expedition. Politics, funding, rivalries and terrorism plague the project and threaten its completion. The colonel heartlessly drives his people to a successful launch only to have disaster strike before they … Read more

Just Give Them a Hug . . . and the Rest Will Be Easy, Brett H. Weiss

NonFiction, Nonprofit Organizations & Charity, Travel & Travel Guide

In 2009, Brett Weiss decides he wants to volunteer in Kenya. A teacher in high school economics, US history, and international relations, he has a particular interest in experiencing immersion in a community where he will learn firsthand about the difficulties of the aftermath of colonialism. Determined to ask questions and listen, he makes his … Read more

A Burning in The Darkness, A.P. McGrath

Literature & Fiction, Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Politics

A compelling crime drama and poignant love story about a devoted man who must confront the painful legacy of his war-torn childhood when he is wrongfully accused of murder. Michael Kieh’s struggle to prove his innocence leads him on a charged journey that pitches the pursuit of justice and the search for love against the … Read more

Caroline’s Lighthouse, Brandi Easterling Collins

Historical Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Mystery & Suspense

In the mid-1800s, Caroline Marshall was forced to accept the marriage proposal of an attorney from a neighboring town. However, Caroline was in love with Thomas Cooper, the caretaker of the Bettencourt Estate Lighthouse and an orphan whom the family had taken in several years prior. At seventeen, Caroline took her own life by leaping … Read more

Running for Yellow, Christina Varrasso

Christian Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Literature & Fiction, Women's Fiction

Running for Yellow is a heartfelt story recounting one woman’s journey of self-discovery, in which life’s demands and diversions inevitably return her to the enduring foundations of family and faith. Christina Varrasso has crafted a novel that balances a poignant narrative with a light-hearted spirit, while introducing a memorable cast of characters that is lovingly … Read more

Ordinary People, Extraordinary Life: The Convergence of Mind, Body and Spirit, Wil Dieck

Health & Well Being, Medical, NonFiction, Psychology & Counseling

Are you getting everything you want out of life or are seemingly unseen forces holding you back? If you are being held back it could just be a lack of convergence Black belts are known around the world for their mental, physical and spiritual abilities. When these three powerful force are aligned, black belts can … Read more

The Tough Mama’s Guide to Survival: Survive & Thrive, Jenny Ahmed

NonFiction, Reference, Survival & Emergency

A disaster happens, can you and your family survive? Where would you go? What will you eat? How will you continue to eat when your supplies are exhausted? How will you meet the medical needs of your family? How will you survive when help is not on the way? Tough Mama is a guide for … Read more