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Author Spotlight

Hello book lovers! Today is a day where I will be writing another author spotlight for a well-accomplished author whose work I have loved. As you know book lovers I love learning about authors and the inspiration behind their work, it fascinates me and adds to the depth of the book because the reader will be able to better understand it. That is how the author spotlights were created because I soon discovered that you lovely readers ALSO love learning about author’s, so I am excited to tell you a little bit more about author Angie Brashear whose book Of the Persecuted thrilled me from beginning to end. I personally would recommend this book to all of those that love young adult novels and adventures but really the book can be read by anybody as it is flawlessly written and highly enjoyable. With today’s author spotlight for Angie Brashear, a biography of the author and an interview between me and Angie will be shared, and I hope that you book lovers enjoy reading it! To kick this off here is an author bio about the wonderful Angie Brashear!

Angie Brashear is the award-winning author of the Legends of the Woodlands series. She’s a fan of speculative fiction and an avid runner, both of which perplex her nonfiction-reading, football-loving husband. When she’s not absorbed in a captivating story or pounding the pavement, she’s enjoying time with her kids—the three most fantastic people in all the real world and any other world she creates.

Now, how wonderful does Angie sound?! Angie Brashear is a truly exceptional writer and I hope that you lovely readers have a read of Angie’s work because you will not regret it! Please see below an interview between me and Angie, I hope that you enjoy Angie’s answers to my questions, they are incredible and provide some great advice too!

In your own words could you please tell us about your book and what inspired you to write your book.

Yikes—I always have trouble summarizing Of the Persecuted and my reasons for writing the story. My aspiration for writing was inspired by a 5th grade reading of C.S. Lewis’ The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. The adventures of Peter, Susan, Edmond and Lucy caused me to wonder if God was real, and if so, why did innocent, insecure girls suffer abuse? Over time, my fascination with the possibility of God’s existence grew as I crossed paths with believers. Fast forward quite a number of years… After becoming a Christian, I wanted to expose other girls to their own possibility of God’s truth. So, Laila’s story was born. She is a very insecure girl trying to understand her place amid a fantasy world of war and loss, and unrequited love.

What would your advice be for aspiring writers?

Find a small circle of trustworthy, loyal people who will support continued learning through expertise and honesty. The writing world can, at times, seem ruthless and there’s a lot of varying advice. For me, the key to unlocking the approach that works best has been to find the few people who understand my reasons for writing. And be the writer who reciprocates such loyalty.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a book? 

As reader and a writer, my answer is the same… the most important thing is whether or not the characters and story stay with the reader long after the last page has been read. I’ll use a cliché’ example: The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins. I read the books before the movies were ever released, and to this day wonder how Peeta and Katniss are faring in District 12. The same can be said for a great show too. For example, Godless (a Netflix Original Limited Series). Roy Goode made a lot of really bad choices, but at his core was a good man. Even though the credits have rolled, when I’m reading or writing, I find myself comparing other characters to him.

Lastly, when can we readers expect to read more wonderful books from you?  

My next book—Ordinary Prisoner—is definitely a work in progress! The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic America but includes the fantasy elements I love so much. My goal is to finish the first draft and the subsequent editing process by the end of 2018. In the meantime, I’m entertaining the idea of querying agents for representation. I’ve very much enjoyed the freedom and control of indie publishing, but also like the idea of crossing into the hybrid world.

Its official book lovers, I am obsessed with Angie Brashear! If you have liked what you have read about Angie and are interested in learning more about Angie and reading Angie Brashear’s work, then please do have a browse of the links below and be sure to have a read of the previews too! You will not regret it.

Goodbye for now book lovers,

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