Angel’s Grove, Lana Lindemann

It was a beautiful summer in Munich when Tretan slipped the ring upon Adelisa’s finger and made her his wife. Against all odds, against all prejudice, whether it came from those they loved: close friends, family, even strangers, they joined in a union built on care, sacrifice, and unrelenting love that would be put to the test.

Years later, in November, Kristallnacht, The Night of Broken Glass had begun, and their world, their family was under the watchful eye of what was now Nazi Germany. Hidden in the darkness, they struggled to survive, living in fear of what would happen should they be reported for breaking racial law. But their nightmare had only just begun. The worst had happened and torn apart by the seams of their life; they were sent to Angel’s Grove.

Pulled from the lineup in front of her family, Adelisa thought her life was about to be ended. Instead, she was to become the personal maid of the camp’s sadistic and twisted commandant, Gottfried Drechsler. Was it mercy that she was spared? The dread that she felt, her cries as she was torn from the arms of those she loved said otherwise and Gottfried’s delusions of perfection only proved to be a more personal hell on earth. As time passes, she discovers Gottfried’s true intentions, and the cruel game of cat and mouse begins, with the awaiting prize being the safety of her family in the end. Can Adelisa hold against all odds placed before her and come out the victor? Or will Gottfried, with his powerful war machine of bigotry and hate, overwhelm and consume what little is left of her soul?

Angel’s Grove is an incredible, unique, and brilliant historical fiction novel that took me on a moving and enthralling journey! Lana Lindemann is an author whose work I adore, I previously have read and reviewed her previous two books and I loved them! So I was really excited to read Lindemann’s latest release Angels Grove so I could be reunited with her literature. However! I was also excited as Angel’s Grove is a different genre from Lindemann’s previous two books so I was really excited to get lost in the pages of Angel’s Grove. Now that I have finished it I can happily write that it did not disappoint!

Angel’s Grove is a gem of a novel that explores many themes throughout flawlessly. The reader will be granted themes of history, with world war fiction, as well as romance, and many more! It makes Angel’s Grove a wonderful tale that entertains you but also informs you at the same time and opens your eyes. All of these themes are wonderfully weaved by Lana Lindemann and she does a wonderful job of keeping her readers entertained from start to finish.

Angel’s Grove is a poignant and thrilling historical fiction novel that takes its readers on a twisty tourney journey in which many emotions/troubling events are explored. In Angel’s Grove, the reader will meet Tretan and Adelisa, husband and wife who before world war 2 lived a happy and content life together. However, when world war 2 begins and they, like everyone else at the time become under the watchful eye of Nazi Germany, their lives are torn apart.

Adelisa will eventually find herself ripped from her family and husband and brought to Angel’s Grove and it is here that she becomes a maid for the sadistic leader of the camp, Gootrfried Drechsler. Adelisa must find the strength within her to survive his ruthless ways and get back to her family and this book lovers is the short premise of the incredibly powerful Angel’s Grove!

Angel’s Grove is an incredible and enthralling story and the superb author Lana Lindemann has managed to write a unique and compelling book that stands out for me! The story laced throughout the book is fantastic and I adored the historical themes as well as the character studies we were greeted with, especially that of Adelisa’s character!

Lana Lindemann is a wonderful author and she has many writing strengths, all of which are so excellently explored throughout the pages of Angel’s Grove. One of the core things I adore about Lindemann’s literature is her ability to grasp the reader, draw them into the story and keep them there until the very end. As I was reading Angel’s Grove I felt compelled, (just as I did with her previous two novels) I was turning the pages with haste and this is because Lindemann knew just how to write her book and how to keep her readers intrigued! At the most perfect moments, she would quickly lace a plot twist into the story or a dramatic or even heartfelt moment which kept me turning the pages with haste!

To conclude my thoughts on this wonderful book, Angel’s Grove is a compelling, phenomenal and excellent book that is poignant as well as entertaining so I, of course, am going to award the story five stars! Be sure to have a read of Angel’s Grove and check out Lana Lindemann’s previous books, you won’t regret it!

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