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Author Spotlight

Some time ago, I advanced to a new level of spiritual transformation consisting of awareness and consciousness. Many things transpired to enhance my level of consciousness and lead me to a new journey of refined cosmic consciousness. This is where spirit began to speak to me about the things I had encountered through my life’s journey. The sexual, physical, and emotional abuse traumas in my life became a way for me to help others in this world.

I had to heal myself first to help others, and it is through that healing that I became consciously aware that I was a natural healing vessel. All my traumas served to give me strength for my own spiritual journey. I now share my gift with the world to help other overcome their traumas and the negative experiences in their lives and to teach people how to thrive in this world instead rather than exist. To bring forth this information, I knew that I must speak truth, and fear could not play a part in this healing process.

Hello book lovers! Today is a day where I will be writing another author spotlight for a well-accomplished author whose work I have loved. As you know book lovers I love learning about authors and the inspiration behind their work, it fascinates me and adds to the depth of the book because the reader will be able to better understand it. That is how the author spotlights were created because I soon discovered that you lovely readers ALSO love learning about author’s, so I am excited to tell you a little bit more about author Angelo Lowery whose book I Am and the Spirit Walks With Me moved as well as inspired me from beginning to end. I personally would recommend this book to all of those that love spirituality books and memoirs but really the book can be read by anybody as it is flawlessly written and highly enjoyable. With today’s author spotlight for Angelo Lowery, a biography of the author and an interview between me and Angelo Lowery will be shared, and I hope that you book lovers enjoy reading it! To kick this off here is an author bio about the wonderful Angelo Lowery!

Angelo Lowery Founder of New Truth Healing Center and FreeSperity. Consciousness 0 to a 100 in 60 minutes delivering Empowerment, Freedom, and Truth. Elevate your consciousness and transform your mind, body, and spirit in 1 Session. Author, Motivational Speaker, Spiritual Healing Vessel, Hypnotherapist, Cranial Therapist, Chakra Practitioner, Access Bars Facilitator, KA Channel Practitioner, Vibrational Sound Therapist, DNA/RNA Cell Imagery And Communication, Electromagnetic Field, Bodywork Integration, Lightbody Connection & Activation, 6th Generation Usui Reiki Master Teacher. Spiritual, Life, Holistic, VSP and Hypnotist Coach.

Now, how wonderful does Angelo Lowery sound?! Angelo Lowery is a truly exceptional writer and I hope that you lovely readers have a read of Angelo Lowery’s work because you will not regret it! Please see below an interview between me and Angelo Lowery, I hope that you enjoy Angelo Lowery’s answers to my questions, they are incredible and provide some great advice too!

Thank you for joining us today at Red Headed Book Lover! Please tell us more about yourself.

I spend my time bringing transformation, consciousness, enlightenment, healing, freedom and truth to all those who are ready for change in their lives. My life is fulfilled through my abilities to bring to the lives of others what they need to move forward in life without pain and suffering.

Could you please tell us readers about your book and what inspired you to write your book?

I Am and the Spirit Walks With Me is filled with real life events of my life from a young child growing up. I have encountered more heartache and pain than the average person, yet I rise and I’m still standing. I have a greater purpose in life and it is the seed to my inner motivation and drive to overcome whatever comes my way. You the one reading this is who inspired me to help others I knew that I needed to reveal my own truth bringing what was in the dark to the light is the only way to heal.

What would your advice be for aspiring writers?

Always speak your truth not someone else’s people need to see you for who you are not what someone else created you to become.

In your opinion, what is the most important thing about a book? 

The inspiration that led to the writing of the book.

What is your writing process like?

Very peaceful connection to the spiritual realm it is where I shut down the left brain and just allow things to flow naturally.

Do you have a set schedule for writing, or do you only write when you feel inspired?

I write whenever I feel like writing not allowing the process to be controlled by time puts me in a different head space.

Do you read much and if so who are your favorite authors?

Consistent inspiration is a must for me allowing myself to be open to infinite possibilities opens the door to no limitations of my abilities to connect and understand other authors. I enjoy Amorah Quan Yin, Gregg Braden, Barbara Marciniac, Eckhart Tolle and many others whom I mention in my own book.

Lastly, when can we readers expect to read more wonderful books from you?

There are many books inside me the timing is all about that of my spiritual entourage those who guide me. I can foresee something new unfolding rather soon in the upcoming year. It’s all about the alignment of things that would be better suited for the audience whose ready to receive.

Its official book lovers, I am obsessed with Angelo Lowery! If you have liked what you have read about Angelo Lowery and are interested in learning more about Angelo Lowery and reading Angelo Lowery’s work, then please do have a browse of the links below and be sure to have a read of the preview too! You will not regret it.

Goodbye for now book lovers,

I Am and the Spirit Walks With Me: Amazon U.S. – Amazon U.K. – Goodreads

Angelo Lowery: Website – Barnes & Noble


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