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At the age of sixteen, Marc Hoberman moved from Yonkers, New York, to Hollywood, Florida. Moving away from his friends was hard enough, but being diagnosed with epilepsy shortly thereafter was even harder. Marc’s story follows him from high school up to his present-day life as an author, teacher, husband, and father. His struggles with seizures, toxic medications, and loneliness were a certain recipe for disaster. Marc’s sense of humor, support network, and successful search for a doctor who would save his life prompted him to make his private story public. Marc’s message of turning his struggle into a strength will certainly resonate with teens and parents alike.

Adversity Defeated is a poignant, moving and inspirational memoir that will take readers on a thought-provoking journey while entertaining them at the same time. Adversity Defeated is written by author Marc Hoberman and Marc throughout Adversity Defeated will take his readers on the journey of his life from past to present. The journey the reader will encounter is at times heartbreaking because of Marc’s condition that significantly impacted his life however it is also an uplifting, humorous book in which Marc will make you smile thanks to his positive outlook and funny passages. If you are a reader who is looking to read a memoir that is unlike anything you have read before and a memoir that is the perfect combination of humor, fact, and poignancy then Adversity Defeated is the book for you and should not be missed.

Adversity Defeated follows the author Marc Hoberman as he perfectly takes his readers on the journey of his life. At the very young age of sixteen, Marc’s life changed drastically when he had to pack up and leave New York for sunny Florida. Marc informs his readers that this was a difficult time because after all, he was a teenager who had friends and a life but Marc will go on to share that not long after his arrival he was diagnosed with epilepsy. Marc struggled with his epilepsy thanks to the seizures and the ‘toxix medications’ he had to take and because of epilepsy it even isolated Marc from normal teenage events and life in general. The reader will be guided from his teenage years to his present adulthood and how his condition has shaped his life. Throughout the book although the reader will find some moments upsetting thanks to Marc’s emotions, it is also a heartwarming read that will make you laugh and smile so please do not think that the book is oppressive because, in fact, it is the opposite because upon finishing it I was left with a smile on my face!

Adversity Defeated is a poignant, moving, and compelling piece of nonfiction that will help, inspire and captivate its readers from the very start until the very end. Adversity Defeated is an influential, powerful book because it deals with the topic of epilepsy and the subsequent emotions because of it. I believe that Adversity Defeated will be the perfect read for those that suffer from epilepsy or even a disorder, condition or illness because Marc, although brutally honest about how he felt, still manages to inspire and inject positivity and humor into the story. However, those that do not have a disorder, condition or illness will equally be able to enjoy the book and take away something from it thanks to the author’s wisdom and bright outlook on life.

Adversity Defeated is an exceptional book not only for the author’s candor but also the information he has so expertly laced throughout the book. The information will help readers better understand epilepsy and how it can affect your life physically and emotionally, and I believe that is really important because sadly, epilepsy is not commonly discussed but it needs to be so that no person ever feels alone.

Marc Hoberman is a remarkable person for two reasons, the first is because he is honest and brave to write his story and the second is because he is an exceptionally talented author. His impeccable writing is a joy to read and flows beautifully throughout so that the reader will feel compelled to read non-stop. He is a pure literary talent, and so I applaud him for being so brilliant!

Overall Adversity Defeated is an this insightful, informative, inspiring book and I would say if you are a reader who is interested in the topic of epilepsy and coming out the other side, then this book is for you Adversity Defeated gets five stars from me! Be sure to have a read of the preview below book lovers and keep an eye out for my spotlight for Marc Hoberman which will be live next week!

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Marc Hoberman

So thankful for the great review. When I wrote the memoir, it was truly written from the heart. My goal is to help teens and their parents deal with adversity if any kind. After 33 years in education, I have been blessed to Sista young people and their parents. I hope my story helps many others. My workshops at schools have now begun to help students as well.

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