A Place Called Schugara, Joe English

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A story of life, death, love lost and meaning found in Schugara and beyond.

A Place Called Schugara by Joe English is a riveting work of contemporary fiction I couldn’t help but fully envelop myself in! A Place Called Schugara boasts a plethora of memorable and unique characters, each as individual as they are captivating, as their lives converge in unexpected ways. I was enamored by the brilliantly thought-provoking narrative that draws us, beloved readers, in as a moth to the flame! A Place Called Schugara by Joe English will cause any reader to pause and reflect as it weaves everyday troubles into the fabric of the storyline itself, which shows what a talented author Joe English is!

In 1989, Travers Landeman arrived on Mabouhy with used clothes and bibles for Father Chester and his congregation. Father Chester arrived on Mabouhy in the 1970s, following an incident in which his Chicago Monsignor sent him to the Caribbean island as a punishment. Joe Roger’s is an avid vodka enthusiast and bookseller in search of the islands hidden treasure along with his friends. Albert Sydney arrives in 1991 looking for his own treasure. The missing Ohio businessman,  Travers Landeman, or his remains for the reward he desires. All came searching for something very different and ended up in, “A story of life, death, love lost, and meaning found in Schugara and beyond.”

A Place Called Schugara by Joe English is a masterpiece of contemporary fiction! A Place Called Schugara by Joe English should be savored over time not greedily consumed with haste, as Joe English marvelously unfurls each character’s tangled web in stunningly vivid detail. He breathes life into each character through their subtle nuances, individual personalities, and desires that is breathtaking! I was genuinely invested in the plight of each character as Joe English takes exquisite time to introduce their past, treating them all with equal importance rather than just another character to fill a few pages. I was in awe as their lives cross paths in the Caribbean on the island of Mabouhy. I love how they all have unique and personal reasons for arriving on the island; one was a form of punishment while another scoured the island with his friends searching for a buried treasure!

Joe English is a remarkable author; he effortlessly weaves together the lives of an eclectic group of people in a provocative narrative that should not be missed! Joe English has an intellectual writing style that shines beautifully through the pages he has elegantly designed, laced in a vast array of emotional gravitas that any reader will find themselves connecting with on a visceral level. This, coupled with Joe English’s noteworthy and unrivaled characterizations, shows what an exceptionally intelligent and talented author he is, whose work should be treasured!

A Place Called Schugara by Joe English is an illustrious work of contemporary fiction I profoundly delight in having read. I was enthralled by the hypnotic heartache and whimsical humor which made me laugh and cry as I embarked on the emotional and inspirational journey of A Place Called Schugara by, the superbly talented author, Joe English! A Place Called Schugara by Joe English is an exceptionally sensational piece of literature I indubitably and earnestly award five stars!

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