A Failed State, Andrew E. Coussens

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ISIS Khorasan has seized control of several key provinces in Afghanistan and crowned a new emir. The new regime is poised to wrestle control of the region from the NATO-established government and is more brutal and deadly than the Taliban or Al Qaeda had ever been. A covert intelligence gathering unit has infiltrated the landscape and cultivated a network of spies from within Khorasan’s network.

Damien Collins, who struggles with severe anxiety, a troubled marriage and a custody dispute over his five-year-old daughter, is a member of an elite intelligence-gathering team trying to stop the spread of ISIS and its emergence into the hotbed of Afghanistan. Damien’s team has confidants within ISIS Khorasan which could turn the tide of the struggle. While Damien’s team rushes to solidify their victories, he has to juggle his own chaos at home. Meanwhile, ISIS looks to enact massive brutality over the Afghan government and its American overlords as it tried to prove itself as the most dominant tribe in the region.

A Failed State takes readers from the domesticity of the United States and the chaos of Afghanistan to the glamor of Dubai and the terrorist networks of Turkey and Germany. Readers will bond with Damien and his colleagues and feel the full impact of America’s war on terror, both at home and abroad, with every page.

A Failed State: An International War on Terror Novel is a captivating, thrilling and dramatic book that kept me turning the pages with haste into the early hours of the morning. A Failed State is a novel packed full of content that will take its lucky readers on a vast, thrilling, but also terrifying journey, from the United States to Afghanistan and even to Dubai. The journey the reader will encounter along the way will be unlike anything readers have read before and I am confident about this. As my husband is a Marine I have read (and loved) many military based novels, however, I find that the majority of them tend to follow the same generic plot and have no originality laced throughout the story. With A Failed State, however, the reader will be given an original military story, written by an author who has experience in the military and has certainly ‘been there and done that.’ That is why I am already recommending that you lovely readers take a chance on A Failed State as I promise you will not be disappointed thanks to the unique storyline with some still classic and lovable themes, as well as a riveting story that will captivate as well as shock readers from start to finish.

A Failed State is a sensational novel in my opinion for many reasons; however, the core reasons I adore A Failed State is because it is written by somebody who has experience in the field and the book combines many themes that make the story so much more than a typical military/terrorism novel. A Failed State is a novel about the war on terror, and the reader will be introduced to the protagonist of the book, Damien Collins. Damien is a character I instantly liked, mostly because he is in the military but as the novel progresses the reader learns much more about him and that in turn will make readers fall in love with him even more. Damien is a somewhat troubled character who (like some of those that serve in the military) is struggling with his home life thanks to a failing marriage and a custody dispute over his five-year-old daughter. As well as this Damien is struggling with severe anxiety which will make the reader; especially those that understand personally the effects war has on a loved one, be able to have empathy for him. I admit that I adore how the author Andrew E. Coussens decided to lace so much heart throughout of his novel and make it a true expose into the life of somebody who serves, while also weaving many entertaining and classical military themes throughout the book. The sad truth is that Damien’s character is all too real, many of those that serve struggle with their home life and the majority of those that also serve either have anxiety or PTSD, whether it be mild or severe. I really adore that Coussens shed light on this for the readers that may not understand the effects serving can have on not only the person but also the person’s family.

The novel, although mostly focused on Damien Collins, is not just a character study but rather a thrilling book full of many action-packed moments which will be perfect for the readers that adore the feeling of adrenaline and suspense when reading a book. The reader will follow Damien as he, as well as his ‘intelligence-gathering team,’ infiltrate the ISIS Khorasan network to stop their criminal regimes and stop ‘ISIS and its emergence’ before it is too late. Along the way the reader will be taken on an intense journey, that will at times shock the reader as the book exposes what it truly is like in Afghanistan and how horrific ISIS is. The journey, although at times tough thanks to the protagonist’s struggles as well as the terrorism involved in the story, is mostly a thrilling one that will definitely be captivating its readers into the early hours of the morning… I know I was!

Andrew E. Coussens is an incredibly talented writer, who I must add is also a debut author! Which is incredible, and he has written a novel that is honestly in the same league as authors who have been writing for decades. I have read over a thousand books now, and I have read books by authors that have written for 5+ years and are nowhere near in the same league as this book and Coussens literature so that alone speaks volumes to his literature and how great it is. I think what makes Coussens book so amazing is that he has a real passion for the subject and litereature. I mention this often as you know book lovers, but many authors write and think of it as a job and a way to earn and of course, that is ok (we all have to make a living!), however, you have another breed of author. The other breed of author is the type that writes for creative fulfillment, emotional well being and because they love to share their literature/story with the world and Andrew E. Coussens is that type of author in my opinion.

Coussens has written a phenomenal book that will have it’s readers shocked, excited and breathless on more than one occasion. Coussens has an incredible talent to capture his reader’s attention from the very first page, and his flawlessly executed writing will have the reader turning the pages with haste as it compels you to do so at an alarming rate. The talent of Coussens is also shown through the fantastic characterization of his characters and his ability to create a constant amount of suspense throughout. The uncertainty in this book was quite simply sensational and made me feel as if I was on the edge of my seat. I adore when a book makes me feel many different emotions such as excitement and a feeling of trepidation thanks to the action and suspense and the suspense factor in A Failed State was overwhelming (in the best way!) and impeccable as never once did I know what was going to happen. There was only one point in this novel where I thought I had predicted its route but as soon as I did Coussens changed course and left me shocked! So this is one of the many reasons why Andrew E. Coussens is a talented author whose work is not to be missed!

Andrew E. Coussens has ensured that no stone is left unturned in A Failed State. Coussens has managed to craft and develop a highly entertaining story that weaves suspense with intrigue with action and the result of these themes, which are all expertly spun together by Coussens, is a thrilling story that is worthy of every book lovers read! The situation and events Coussens has managed to create are phenomenal, and every immaculate detail is well thought out.

Overall A Failed State is a remarkable book that has genuinely made me a happy reader, the combination of poignant themes, truth, action, as well as suspense made A Failed State one of the best military novels I have read. That is why I, of course, have to award A Failed State five stars; it would be crazy if I did not! I hope that you have lovely readers have a read of the preview below and be sure to keep an eye out for the next books in the series which are in the works!

Thank you so much for reading book lovers! I appreciate it so much, I love discussing wonderful books with all of you so please comment below and let me know your thoughts on A Failed State. Do you see yourself reading this book? Do you love the genre? Please let me know your brilliant thoughts below and I will be sure to comment back. Thank you so much again for reading!

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