The Beautiful Ugliness of Being, Joe Maldonado

Poetry & Essay

Joe Maldonado invites readers to embark on a soul-stirring exploration of life’s intricate symphony and the profound beauty that emerges. This poetic exploration culminates in a celebration of our innate capacity for resilience, and uncovers the darkness that resides in the depths of our fears. Through the power of illumination, Maldonado imparts the courage to … Read more

Your Invincible Power: Open the Door to Unlimited Wealth, Health and Joy, Pamela Hamilton & W.T. Hamilton

Self-Help & Motivational

The law of attraction works in our lives all of the time and has been written about in many books, giving us various views on the way we interpret this subject. Pamela Hamilton and W. T. Hamilton, who are mother and son, clearly write with different views. W. T. offers his ideas with a light … Read more

Paper Maps, No Apps, Johnny Welsh

Humor & Satire, Travel & Travel Guide

What starts off as a dare turns into a social experiment that becomes a way of life. A young couple creates a fun way to stay connected by disconnecting. Unplugging the phones and being present are the rules. This travel adventure quickly turns into a self-deprecating comedy about bad smartphone habits. Chance encounters and characters … Read more