Pre-soul Jacky and Other Stories, Karl Larew

Anthology, Fantasy, Supernatural & Paranormal

This is a collection of short stories, short-shorts, and vignettes written by the author from 1957 to 2004. They have been slightly revised for this collection but remain faithful to the original versions. All of these stories are whimsical treatments of various kinds of supernatural subjects–talking animals, a soul looking for a body to inhabit, … Read more

Catari, Karl Larew

Murder & Crime, Mystery & Suspense, Supernatural & Paranormal, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

A young American man travels to Lombardy, Italy, to attend a funeral. Immediately, he becomes involved in a puzzling case of what may have been murder. At the same time, he and his female companion experience ghostly hauntings, especially in or near a swimming pool in a very elderly nobleman’s villa. Catari is an incredible … Read more

The Mask of Freya, Karl Larew

Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Horror & Occult, Myth's & Legends, Supernatural & Paranormal

A secret coven of 19th century French pagan Nature worshippers finds itself in multi-form danger from governmental and Established Church prosecution on the one hand, and the forces of Satan on the other, their situation made all the more complicated by the chaotic events of the Revolution of 1848. A case of murder and revelations … Read more

Candles in the Window, Karl Larew

Gay & Lesbian Fiction, Historical Fiction

This volume is a somewhat revised version of the 1999 edition. It is a nostalgic, but more especially a psychological, look and the love/sex lives of college students in the 1950s, set in the University of Connecticut. A small number of students are drawn together by the love of a beautiful, but enigmatic, girl nicknamed … Read more

Gran’paul’s Family, Karl Larew

Espionage & Conspiracy, Family Saga, Historical Fiction, Military Fiction

This final volume in the trilogy, “Paul’s Three Wars,” sees Paul and Betty moving into retirement, closing his Army career and her musical career, during the 1960s. Meanwhile, the focus turns to their son, Danny; Betty’s daughter, Rosalie; and Paul’s nephew, Teddy. The family must deal with failed marriages and new loves; Rosalie’s musical career; … Read more