The Sturm Awakens, Marvin North

Fifty years ago, Darkness fell upon Antorris, unleashing monsters unlike any the world had seen. When the Light came, it treated life like the Darkness had, burning and consuming everyone in its path. That was when the world became Corrupted. Inos Sevrence is a Corruption Hunter, whose goal is to eradicate the Light and Dark … Read more

Reunion in Stringtown: Finding Faith, Family, and Healing, Joyce A. Connelley

Abandoned by her birth mother, abused by her adoptive mother, and then rejected again by her birth mother, Joyce embarks on a 25-year quest to untangle the web of secrets and lies behind her relinquishment, failed relationships and recurring psychological traumas. Ultimately, she needs not just tenacity, but also subpoenas and DNA tests to break … Read more

Grandma, Don’t Forget How Much I Love You, Linda Gerdner

An enduring story of family love and Alzheimer’s disease embedded in the rich Jamaican culture. Amancia has recently learned that her beloved Grandma has Alzheimer’s disease. Initially, she is extremely saddened and thinks of Grandma as she once was. The Jamaican name of Amancia means unconditional love and is the underlying message of this story. … Read more

PAYNE Avenue, M.T. Bartone

A fateful encounter of two strangers—a man and a woman—twists the direction of their lives and leads to deadly consequences. The man, Eddie Bracchio, is a ruthless killer from a present-day criminal organization out of Brooklyn, New York. He returns to his hometown of St. Paul, Minnesota and settles into the familiar Payne Avenue neighborhood, … Read more

The Keepers of the Sacred Elements, R.E. Collins

Harnessing Nature’s Power, The Keepers of the Elements Rise Under the vast expanse of stars, an ancient prophecy stirs. Four noble souls are fated to rise when darkness encroaches and chaos looms. Gigi, Bridie, Brooke and Guthrie discover extraordinary talents pulsating within – wielding the sacred power of Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. Though strangers, … Read more

The Fairy Thief, Katrina Mae Leuzinger

Petra’s grandmother used to blame the fairies when things went missing around the house, but Petra didn’t really believe it until she caught one in the act. She also wasn’t expecting the thief to be a chaotic bi, knock down gorgeous fae called Raiker the Rogue, but then, Oma might have left a few things … Read more