Revenge in the Name of Honour, Nicholas James Kaizer

Military & War History

On 19 August 1812, lookouts of the British frigate HMS Guerriere spotted the American frigate, USS Constitution. Captain James Dacres, Guerriere’s commander, was eager for a fight and confident of victory. He had the weight of Britain’s naval reputation and confidence behind him. Yet when the guns fell silent Guerriere was a shattered hulk and … Read more

It’s This, Laura Foley

Poetry & Essay

It’s This contemplates relationships, identity, love, loss, and radical transformation, finding acceptance, joy, and growing peace, as the speaker practices meditation, and falls more deeply in love with her wife. Employing spare, musical language and humor, and suffused with light, these vivid poems flash back to the speaker’s past, as they practice empathy and compassion … Read more