Avici Sagga, Mary Romasanta

Action & Adventure

Twenty-nine-year-old Emma, a highly intelligent, strong-willed, and ambitious PR exec, has always relied solely on herself. But when her recurring nightmares start taking a toll on her health, she turns to renowned psychiatrist and oneirologist, Dr. Edward Clark, a clinical professor at the University of Chicago. Emma’s nightmares all revolve around her past love interests, … Read more

Welcome to the World of HR Data Doodles, David Turetsky

Business & Finance

Played Much Gaming Company is going through a transformation. They have outgrown their homegrown Human Resource technology. Along their path towards a new system, they have to find their way. They hired consultants, went to conferences, and found that they were focusing on the wrong business problem. Along the way, the HR team learns how … Read more

Moments in the Soul of a Man, Rhonda Renee


Trey, an aimless young man discovers an engraving on his mother’s headstone as he visits on Valentine’s Day, “I loved her first.” He finds purpose, family, and a love of his own while interviewing old friends with interesting tales, finding more clues and an enigmatic visitor who guides the mystery. Moments in the Soul of … Read more