Blue Mafia: Police Brutality & Consent Decrees in Ohio, Tim Tolka

True Story & True Crime

Blue Mafia tells the backstory behind two federal investigations of police brutality in Steubenville and Warren, Ohio, from the perspective of the victims, cops, attorneys, and officials who participated. The story is essentially the biography of a small-town civil rights lawyer, but it is also a hard-boiled detective novel set in an era of rank … Read more

An Unconventional Christmas, Tara Fox Hall


When Endless Love CEO Viola Bohannon hires Cyprus Kennedy, a.k.a. Miss Romance, in early December to arrange a dozen “perfect” romantic moments leading up to a Christmas finale to save her failing marriage, she adds the next to impossible challenge: base the moments on the Twelve Days of Christmas. Cyprus comes up with creative, unconventional … Read more

All the waves, calling, Jamie D. Stacey

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Men don’t talk, especially about grief. But they should—before it’s too late. When Corey explains that he is on an Arriva Wales train with ‘no destination in mind other than the furthest place possible’, you know resistance is futile. You’re going to have to take a seat on that ride. Grief throws Corey into a … Read more

Flamma, Bruce Mitchell

Historical Fiction

The Circus Maximus, Rome, AD54. Veteran gladiator Flamma has a trident at his neck, but his Nubian opponent disobeys Emperor Nero’s command, and spares his life. That night Flamma returns the favour and cuts the Nubian down from the cross. Everyone knows you don’t mess with Nero. The gladiators must escape Italy while they’re still … Read more