Killer Motives, Bonnie Traymore

Murder & Crime

Victoria’s life isn’t as perfect as it seems. But with two homicide detectives on her doorstep, it’s about to get a lot worse. Still reeling from the shocking discovery that her husband is having an affair, Victoria struggles to process the mind-blowing news that Nick’s lover is dead—murdered in cold blood on the very same … Read more

The Unshakeable Road to Love, Brenda Shoshanna

Spirituality & Philosophy

The Unshakeable Road to Love (Value Centered Relationships) is based upon Eternal Principles from all world scriptures, including Zen. These tried and true practices guide us to build a foundation in relationships where happiness and well-being are inevitable, and pain, upset and conflict can dissolve on the spot. A radically different approach to psychology, the … Read more

The Voice: Words from God, Gabe Liliedahl

Christian Living & Devotional

“The Voice: Words from God” shares one man’s breathtaking spiritual journey. Gabe experienced God supernaturally as a child. However, he eventually forgot those experiences, became an alcoholic and stole family inheritance. While facing a 10-30 year mandatory jail sentence, he began to seek God to salvage what was left in his life. God intervened and … Read more

Becky, Hristina Bloomfield

Murder & Crime

Her life will pass through your fingers as you read this book. Sixteen-year-old Becky is raped and left lying with multiple stab wounds on the Cornwall coast. Instead of supporting and helping her in this difficult time, her parents send her to London, where her cousin Arnie promises to take care of her. Arnie and … Read more

Extreme Vetting, Roxana Arama

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

An immigration lawyer fights to keep her client from being deported and losing his family. But those who want him gone will stop at nothing—including murder. Seattle, Washington, 2019. Attorney and single mom Laura Holban is an immigrant herself, guiding clients through a Kafkaesque system of ever-changing rules, where overworked judges make life-shattering decisions in … Read more