Beyond Luna, Bob Freeman

Science Fiction & Space Opera

H2LiftShips, a tech manual for a futureImagine a world, exactly like ours, but differentPart Road-Trip, part solar sailing, always with food, gambling, jail, and pirates, not necessarily in that order No: Aliens, Monsters, blasters, pyrotechnic computers, or Anti-Grav powered rockets. Yes: Lasers, Primates, Canines, Octopus, Space Travel via Solar Sails, and the rare Rocket Ship.No … Read more

Kenji and Yuki, Hailey Sawyer


Meet Yuki Sakamoto. Sixteen, easily distracted, and a runaway. Coping with the loss of her grandma seems like a mountain she struggles to climb. She hasn’t even had the courage to visit the family grave she’s buried in. After a series of misadventures, she meets another girl in an abandoned house one night. That girl? … Read more

Ruby Red, D.L. Croisette


Sometimes you find love only after you lose everything else. One night stands only need apply. Ali Stinson is having a bad day. Her afternoon tryst was interrupted (before they got to the good part) to discover her investment manager ran away with all her money. Now she has to keep up appearances with her … Read more

Embody, Sonee Singh

Poetry & Essay

A peek into physical experiences that anchor us, the emotions that rise within, and the ultimate connection we make with the wisdom of all there is. Embody is an incredible and emotive poetry book that will captivate as well as move its readers with emotion-filled moments and incredibly captivating verses! The book is one that … Read more