The Hoarder’s Wife, Deborah S. Greenhut


It wasn’t quite Marie Kondo meets Grey Gardens in The Women’s Room, but it was close. Professor Ludwig Berg hoarded; Grace Berg gave away as much as she could. During their thirty-five years of marriage, Luddy was all about the concrete, while abstract Grace sidelined her career in music because marriage and the family required … Read more

Stumbling Through Adulthood, John Sheirer


The stories in award-winning author John Sheirer’s Stumbling Through Adulthood show the connections between intimate, personal experiences and the broader culture of America during recent years. These stand-alone stories feature a range of characters who reappear in multiple tales like surprise visits from long-lost friends. Some protagonists grow through different life stages, adding depth and … Read more

Trine Fallacy, C.K. Donnelly


As the Dark Trine’s noose tightens around Kinderra, young Trine Mirana Pinal and her mentor, the Trine hero Tetric Garis, embark on a quest to learn how the enigmatic watchtower of Jasal’s Keep once saved the land. Teague Beltran, Mirana’s beloved and an Unaspected herbsman’s apprentice, wants nothing more than to kill the Dark Trine … Read more