Finding Persephone, PJ Braley

Myth's & Legends

Finding Persephone  follows Timaeus Tuzurias, the last fire slayer of an alien brotherhood, as he travels to North America to participate in the creation of the next genetic leap in Lyostian evolution: a generation specifically designed to save the planet from human destruction. With a new name and designation as Dr. Grant Gates, geneticist and physician, … Read more

Finding Evie, Catina Noble

Coming of Age

I’m sure we all must have told ourselves, at least once while growing up, that life couldn’t possibly get worse. As Rod Serling, host of the ancient TV show, *The Twilight Zone*, actually never said, “Imagine if you will,” being the eldest female child in a family with no parenting. Imagine being “Mommy” to a … Read more

The Keepers, Tan Van Huizen

Horror & Occult

There is evil in the swamp–the place where spirits dwell. Everyone in Titicut Township knew Carl Jenkins suffered from paranoid delusions, but what truly haunted him was far darker in nature. Whatever the small-town talk, only Carl and the shadow force of keepers (headed by Chief of Police, Elias Hicks) knew the truth. When outsider … Read more