The Daddy Chronicles, Jayne Martin

Parenting & Relationships

One out of three women in the U.S. identify as fatherless. An absent father who occasionally appears to bestow his affections only to disappear again leads a daughter to seek out others like him – men who are charismatic, but emotionally unavailable – throughout her lifetime. In this emotionally-charged memoir written in cinematic vignettes, Jayne … Read more

Arrow’s Flight, M.B. Strang


An unknown menace moves through the polite society of Pearl’s Holding. If not caught in time, it will bring down not just the hallowed Knights of the Pearl Order, but also everyone who lives and works with them. The answer lies with a young woman of mysterious origins whose life has been touched by tragedy. … Read more

The Aleutian Voyage: …Hang On!, Lou Marich

Action & Adventure

In 1866, America began to recover from a bloody Civil War and the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. As a campaign policy to increase his popularity, President Andrew Johnson attempts to purchase the vast territory of Alaska from the Russian Emperor, despite his troubles with Congress. An expedition is assembled to survey and explore this … Read more