Fully Involved, Lindy Bell


Katie Garrett is madly in love with her dashing firefighter husband, Andy. While passionately in love with Katie, Andy also loves being a firefighter and when he is diagnosed with cancer, his whole world is turned upside down. What seemed so certain only days before, is now an unknown. Andy clumsily tries to protect Katie … Read more

Avala: Spirits of the Mindscapes, Caleb Teal

Science Fiction & Space Opera

Four thousand years in the future, the Republic of Earth is at war with the oppressive Yajiran Empire. Meanwhile, on a primitive world, a half-human/half-Yajiran girl named Avala learns that her people’s beliefs are lies created by the Yajirans to keep them in a primitive state, so they can rule over them. While working with … Read more

Treat or Hex?, Jane Colt


Your actor best friend dons a sexy Halloween costume and tries to seduce you. Is it him or his character? Love or a game? Drama student Gabrielle is distressed to find herself lusting after her best friend and improv partner Paul. Refusing to give in to her desire and ruin their relationship, she attributes her … Read more