Family Legends, Family Lies, Wendy Whitaker Hoke

Parenting & Relationships

“That’s child abuse!” When the author heard those words on a plateau in the Himalayas, her life changed forever. She learned that she could speak truth about the abuse she endured as a young child. Wendy’s grandfather, Konrad Frederick Koosmann, was a Bishop in the American Lutheran Church. He was also a pedophile who preyed … Read more

Lunar Tide, Jeff Grode

Science Fiction & Space Opera

LUNAR TIDE, A Brothers of the Multiverse Novel, Book 3, by Jeff Grode. A mysterious seer, Mélange, sends seventeen-year-old Flora a telepathic warning—beware the Techno-Mage. Before Flora unravels the message, Albert, her dad’s arch-nemesis, kidnaps her father on Terra. She and her brother, Zac, vow to save him. Seeking help, they travel back through time … Read more