Addiction, Robert Reddic III

Family Saga

When dealing with addiction as a family, nothing is as simple as it may seem. When a family is troubled, and they can’t find a way to recover, they may resort to drugs, alcohol, sex, and other things. Addiction is something that everyone has had to deal with first hand. In this story, join the … Read more

Scarred Soul of a Grieving Daughter, Bette J. Hepler

Mystery & Suspense

An accidental encounter with her father’s killer leads her down a dangerous road of revenge and murderous madness where the only outcome seems to be total destruction of her or the killer…or both.A psychological drama that portrays the disruption of an idyllic, vital, beloved father-daughter relationship and how the contrasts of the wounds of loss, … Read more

#AttackAnxiety: Winning the Fight, Don Womble

Self-Help & Motivational

•Are stress and anxiety routine in your life?•Have you felt hopeless or less than a person with your anxiety struggle?•Are panic attacks something that you fear?•Do you live with the stigma of what other people think about your anxiety? If you suffer from anxiety disorders – you are not alone. Millions of ordinary people battle … Read more