Uncommon Relations: Who Should be Forgiven?, Rosalind Minett

Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Terry’s humdrum life is turned upside down by an amazing encounter with his double. He discovers this is the identical twin Terry never knew about. Separated in infancy, his double outshines everything Terry has and does. Thrilled, Terry rushes home to tell his shadowy wife, Gudrun, but, preoccupied with her job and her sculpture, she resists … Read more

Wounded Angels: Sometimes the Only Way to Heal a Broken Heart Is Through a Wounded Soul, Chuck Miceli

Christian Literature

On a sweltering Fourth of July, the suicide of fourteen-year-old Maureen Bower’s father shatters her security. She fears that eventually, everyone she loves will abandon her. With the words, “May I have this dance,” Frank Russo introduces himself to Maureen at a roller-skating rink. As he teaches her skate dancing, she falls deeply in love … Read more

Transference, B.T. Keaton

Dystopian & Post Apocalyptic

In the year 2102, mankind has discovered the secret of eternal life. Human souls can be moved from one body to another through the process known as transference. Control of this arcane technology has fallen under the dominion of Jovian–a powerful prophet and head of the Church which governs every aspect of existence.Banished to a … Read more

Tropical Doubts, David Myles Robinson

Murder & Crime, Thriller & Psychological Thriller

Some Honolulu lawyers called Pancho McMartin the best criminal defense attorney in the islands. He’d admit to being pretty damn good. But he was on a losing streak now—three guilty verdicts in a row—and his confidence was sinking fast. When one of his oldest friends, Giselle, was left comatose after surgery and her husband, Manny, … Read more